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Your Google Analytics Metrics May Not Be Accurate

One of the reasons those annoying cookie notices are on so many websites now is because of analytics tools like Google Analytics that collect user data.

Cookie notices really are not a positive user experience in any way. No one likes being interrupted by them.

In addition to that, it looks like Google’s data collection is now backfiring in a way that affects your website.

Browsers like Firefox and privacy tools like Privacy Badger are blocking Google Analytics.

That means that your analytics reporting is not accurate on your website.

Any users who use these browsers or tools won’t be counted in your metrics. Google Analytics can’t see those visits.

This is why we’re now using a non-tracking analytics tool called Fathom Analytics for all our websites.

It’s able to count site visits without collecting personally identifiable data.

In other words, it provides us with the important metrics we need, without overstepping the line of privacy.

And it does this while being able to count those visits that Google Analytics can’t count due to it being blocked.

As an added bonus, reports on Fathom Analytics are easy to read and navigating your way around is quite simple and intuitive (unlike Google Analytics).

It’s a paid tool and isn’t free, but its simplicity and usability have made it well worth it. Plus I’m always happy to find a new way to replace a service from Google.

You can get started with a free trial by using my referral link here.

This article was originally written without any referral links but has since been updated with a referral link for Fathom Analytics.

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