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Spin up a new Rails 7 Tailwind app with the app generator

TL;DR: spin up a new rails app with Tailwind with this command:

rails new app --css tailwind

I don’t know about you but I feel like my life would be just a tiny bit better if I didn’t ever have to ever work with CSS – which is why I usually use Tailwind CSS in all my new projects.

Tailwind CSS just feels much less “CSSy” than SASS and I’m good with that. Or at least it just fits my thinking process better than CSS does. Just thinking of the organization of most .css or .scss files in projects makes me cringe a bit.

To alleviate that, Rails 7 lets you spin up a new app with Tailwind just by running the app generator rails new app --css tailwind. And voila. You have a new Rails up with Tailwind ready to go.

Man I love Rails.

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