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Professional website development for churches

While many churches may have similar programs, all churches have different systems and ways of running those programs. That's why I build custom websites that are tailor-made to the way your church runs, and also to the way your teams manage those programs behind the scenes.

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My Goal is to Help You Accomplish Your Goals

3 Keys I'll look at During Your Website Build:

1. Web Strategy

I'll work with you to identify your web strategy based upon your church's mission, goals, and congregational needs.


2. Identifying where digitization can improve conversion rates

Can we increase giving, connection card submissions, baptism sign-ups, small group registrations through online digital sign ups or a hybrid of both?


3. Streamlining internal processes and workflows

As the Digital Team leader of the church I attend, I am intimately aware of the demands on your team on a weekly basis. I'll look at what functionality and/or automation we can build into your site that will reduce your team's weekly workload.

Features of Sites I Build

Make it easy for your congregation to give

Integration with compatible popular giving services or easily direct givers to a giving page.

Easily add upcoming events

Show upcoming events on your website

Seemlessly manage your media

Add your sermon videos and podcasts easily to your website without having to jump through hoops. Add the title, speaker and video link - done!

Make your website an extension of your ministry

Run prayer challenges, Bible reading months, post weekly develotionals. The sky's the limit and there's an entire world to reach.

Looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop

Chances are more than half of your web traffic will occur on mobile devices -- so all my sites are built to work and look great on mobile.

Create a great first impression for visitors

The reality is that visitors will check you out online before they visit you in person.

Online registrations for events and other forms

Allow users to register for events and view registrants in your site's backend.

Update your pages with ease

Your pages will change, but that's fine! Make changes with ease.

Who am I?

My name is Daniel Lemky and I'm a software and web developer based in Winnipeg, Canada.

I have been building websites for over 10 years. I've worked for web agencies and software companies, but my specialty (and also my favourite) projects are websites and digital solutions for churches.

I started building church websites when I built the website for my  my home church, Joy Fountain Church, which I continue to maintain to this day. I also run the Digital Team at Joy Fountain Church, where I oversee our Sound, Camera, and Presentation teams.

I know first-hand what goes on behind the scenes

That's why I have a passion for creating websites that are and easy for you the church leader, staff or volunteer member, to update and manage on a weekly basis. 

I'd love to hear about your project and chat about whether my services would be a good fit for your church!

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