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Accept Payments On Your Site Without a Heavy Shopping System

Have you ever needed to accept payments on your site but don’t have a payment system built in? Today I’m going to walk through setting up Stripe Checkout on one of your webpages. What’s great about Stripe Checkout is that you don’t have to design anything, Stripe has done all the grunt work and all…

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Create a Next Steps Page for Your Church Website

If you’ve been in the church for any length of time, then you surely know about the Connection Card. They’ve been an important part of how churches stay in contact and connect with members or new guests for a long time (as far back as I can remember anyway!). However, things have changed drastically over…

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Set up a WordPress site to require an invite code

I recently built a website for a wedding and a specific feature they wanted was for the website only to be available to their guests. We didn’t want to have to deal with any cumbersome user login system, but just something simple that only invited guests would be able to use. Security wasn’t a major…

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